Mint Tea and a Good Book:  It’s been a long time since I’ve read a good murder mystery, and I can definitely tell you that Julia Platt Leonard hit the nail on the head with this one. Awesome book!

  Margo Dill’s Read These Books and Use Them!:  Not only is this a well-written book for middle graders, but it is exciting and entertaining and will keep adults intrigued, too. So, if you like crime dramas or mystery/thrillers by authors like James Patterson, you will love Cold Case and want to share it with a child in your life.

  Me, My Shelf and I:  I sincerely applaud Julia for being able to write such an outstanding novel for young people that will keep them intrigued to the very last page. Even I was shocked at some of the twists this one took, predictable this book is not! This book will get their brains moving and force them to try to solve the crime right along with Oz and his best friend Rusty.

  Journey of a Bookseller:  I read a lot of mysteries and have to give this author credit. Ms. Leonard comes up with a complicated plot and lots of twists and turns throughout the story.  I had no idea who the real murderer was until the end of the story.

  Diana Renn on GoodReads:  Five Stars. I could not figure out who committed the crime until the very end, but I was always intrigued, as Julia does an excellent job of pacing her story and revealing one fascinating clue after another. While technically for middle grade readers, this mystery could certainly be enjoyed by young adult and adult readers as well.

  Just Deb Reading and Writing:  This great read for the middle grade crowd who love mystery, murder, action. Think Alex Rider fans, Maximum Ride, 39 Clues. The author captured the middle grade feel and voice really well. Combine on all of the above with a kick butt side kick (Rusty) who really could be a CSI kid, you’ve got an all around hit.

  Surrounded by Words:  Julia Platt Leonard did a wonderful job expressing Oz’s fear about what was going to happen to his family and the business. The emotions are true and raw. I even got pretty caught up in the tension of the conclusion. I would definitely recommend this one to any young teens or pre-teens. Very nice who-dun-it read with a conclusion that will probably knock their little pants off.

  Book Dads:  Although aimed at middle readers, I think older teens and even adults will enjoy this twist-filled murder mystery set in Los Alamos, New Mexico. I think what middle readers will enjoy best is that the book is written well enough to make readers feel they are trying to solve the mystery along with Oz. Readers who enjoy mysteries or television shows like CSI will really find this book intriguing.

  Pragmatic Mom / Best Books for Boy Readers:  It’s realistic fiction that is a murder mystery with many twists and turns. It’s as action packed as the Maximum Ride series and I find it riveting in a Law and Order who dun it kind of way.  If your child liked The Trouble with Lemons, this would be a good pick.